Let me welcome you to the mini art gallery... soon to be expanding!

Hey Everyone!! Glad to see you! Things here will be changing all the time now, so make sure to come back and visit often, okay. All artwork contained here is ALL ORIGINAL ART. Please do not copy it without permission... we have ways to find out if you have. Also, keep in mind, all artwork featured here is for sale. And we can be commissioned to do original art to your specifications.
Enjoy the site...let me know your criticisms and compliments....tell me what you want to see....AND PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!! Finally, I am attempting to update this site of mine... and soon I will be jazzing it up, and adding a link to my upcoming business. Yes folks! That's right. I am turning into a business woman! So, come on in and take a look around... you never know what you will find!

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